Managing Director

Grant has a rare blend of experience, skills and knowledge built across numerous industries, with in-depth knowledge in aerospace & aviation, transportation and utilities. He is capable of influencing and improving operational management, quality and risk and resilience performance using a broad range of interrelated Degree, Post Graduate & Professional risk qualifications to support his proven ability.

Through his career Grant has based his approach on the principles of management standards and has successfully implemented integrated management systems across all risk disciplines to improve performance.

Grant has been there and done it, giving him exceptional ability to understand situations through the eyes of the client.



With foundations in insurance, Nicola started her career in Risk and Resilience Management in 2008 and has since supported organisations of all sizes, across many industries, in their risk and resilience management journeys.

Nicola specialises in corporate risk profiling, the design, implementation and evaluation of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) frameworks, as well as the design and delivery of risk and resilience management training.

With a methodical, detail orientated, results-driven attitude, Nicola focuses on ensuring we deliver on client expectations.


Aarti is a risk and resilience coach, consultant and mentor, who has been working in the field of security, risk and resilience since 2001. Renowned for her passion for the subject and dynamic style of facilitation, she now has a specific focus on helping organisations to build the optimal performance of their people and positive organisational culture into their organisational resilience frameworks, systems and processes. Formerly a Partner at a leading risk software company and Director at a boutique crisis management consultancy, Aarti has spent her professional career equipping operational teams and executives across the finance, retail, government and transport sectors with the skills and tools they need to build their resilience capabilities and succeed in today’s complex environment. She started her career helping UK government and businesses develop some of their early thinking on cyber-security before moving on to provide security consultancy to multinationals operating in high-risk environments including Iraq and Afghanistan. Aarti adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to all of her work – blending psychology, behavioural science and neuroscience with traditional business performance strategies including risk, crisis and change management. She has: an LLB/Maitrise in English & French Law at King’s College London and the Université de Paris I (Sorbonne); an MA in International Peace and Security; and, a PhD in International Studies from the University of Cambridge. She is currently completing an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at University of East London (UEL).

Matt has 21 years experience in operational resilience, crisis management and business continuity. He built his career with leading consultancy firms including Atkins, Control Risks and KPMG, before taking leadership positions at Nationwide (Head of Strategy, Operational Resilience), Bank of Ireland (Head of Group BCM) and Norges Bank Investment Management (Head of Resilience & Continuity – 2LOD). He is a founding director of Continuity Strategy.

With extensive experience across a number of Creative Industries and more recently the Renewables sector, a fascination with Human behaviour and overcoming personal challenges led to Jared joining KRisk.  His understanding that people are every company’s greatest asset as well as a potential source of significant risk, encourages Jared to focus on the individual and encouraging the untapped potential within. 
Seeing each and every employee as an opportunity to encourage a good Risk Culture, Jared focuses on human connection to help empower each individual to understand their own worth.

Tom has led many significant operational resilience, crisis management and business continuity programmes for small and large organisations in the public and private sector. Tom’s experience in leading programmes focused on meeting the finance sector’s operational resilience regulations will be of great benefit to your colleagues throughout the Risk & Resilience Academy.

He has worked closely with many senior teams to develop risk and resilience capabilities and has built new approaches to identify important business services, set impact tolerances and map critical dependencies. A major focus of Tom’s experience has been around scenario testing and helping firms to prepare, respond and recover from severe but plausible scenarios. He focuses on developing testing programmes that build crisis leadership and response capability over time at the operational and strategic levels of an organisation.