Risk Communication


The obvious advantages of planning around risk and resilience can be compromised if the planning is not adequately communicated to your stakeholders.

Building Relationships

Effective risk communication plays a vital role in building strong relationships, whether it’s between employees and managers or with customers. The way we communicate has significance, emphasising traits such as openness, transparency, and understanding. These elements form the foundation of a robust risk and resilience culture.

Good risk and resilience communication requires expertise and a clear understanding of the risks and target audience and how they consume information. It serves as the connecting thread woven throughout the risk management process, as outlined in ISO 31000. However, in our experience, practitioners and management teams often overlook this crucial aspect.


Informative Print Collateral

Appealing and highly visible display boards/posters

Engaging Online Graphics

Animated ‘How To’ demonstrations

Helpful explainer videos

Risk Communications Calendars

Professional Training Content

Compelling Campaigns

Tailored Messaging


K Risk Communication offer a wide range of services such as:








Social Graphics

Consumption of Information

It’s also essential to understand how people consume information and appreciate this will differ depending on a number of factors. The simplest example is around the age of the target audience; the manner in which young people consume information is different from that of an older audience. Equally, it could be language or cultural variations, all of which need to be considered. And it’s not simply about how and where they digest content; it’s also about adopting the appropriate tone of voice for each audience.

If you are to communicate with all of your stakeholders adequately, you must consider all of these elements, and you need to adopt a multi-channel delivery approach.

KRisk is experienced in Risk Communication.

We have worked with many organisations, big and small, to assist them in reaching all of their stakeholders. Whether it’s video, animation, infographics, wall graphics, print, social posting, or a combination of all, we can help you with the messaging, content creation and production of your risk communication collateral.

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