Discovery Process Journey

Discovery Process Journey

(People Resilience)

People are the single most important asset in any organisation, yet they can often be the most vulnerable. The opportunities and threats people present to the operations and strategic objectives of their organisation constitute ‘people risk’ – an area of risk often ignored because of the perceived complexities involved in effectively managing it. Whilst leading international standards (ISO 31000) acknowledge the role of risk culture in setting the optimum conditions for risk-based thinking, decision-making and behaviour, few organisations understand how to create a positive risk culture.


Our Risk Discovery process allows you to lift the lid and break the wheel of uncertainty by understanding your individuals, teams and organisations risk intelligence… their ethics and values, what motivates them, how they like to be communicated with, what their risk appetite and tolerance is and much more…

Aligned to the IRM’s professional standards, this course will help you to:

  • better understand how your people think, act and make decisions harness the power of individual risk tolerance and communication preferences in support of team and organisational objectives 
  • identify the threats and opportunities your people present to the achievement of operational and strategic objectives develop strategies to improve risk-based thinking, drive a positive risk culture and increase both people and organisational performance.​

The course consists of:​

  • Individual risk discovery profiles​
  • 1 to 1 session to examine profile
  • Risk Discovery Workshop



Risk Discovery is a patented value metric tool to facilitate the collection and analysis of information related to an individual’s risk intelligence; their values, risk competences, risk-based thinking and behaviours. This risk intelligence provides management and individuals with incredible insight into how to better engage teams, encourage certain behaviours and ultimately improve risk and resilience management performance across the organisation.


Three-part report, designed to give insight into a person from three separate but intrinsically linked areas:

  1. Where people think and make risk based decisions: When it comes to risk, people firstly have a personal perception of risk, made from your sensation and attention. Behaviours you display are made by value judgements of your perceptions – this is your reality and ultimately is the base of your risk based decision making!
  2. The values and motivations a person has about the decision they’ve just made. These values determine levels of engagement and performance.
  3. The behaviours: It’s the two previous insights that create the third, therefore enabling us to more accurately predict what a person’s risk behaviour in any given situation is likely to be.


By gaining an in-depth insight into the risk intelligence that exists, Risk Discovery enables an organisation to:

  • Better understand employees: what drives them? what discourages them? what is their level of risk awareness? what is their predisposition towards risk?
  • Unlock the secrets to maximising its people’s potential
  • Improve strategy implementation and achievement of objectives through its people
  • Build a positive, proactive risk culture
  • Implement the people related aspects of ISO 31000
  • Identify potential risk hot spots for targeted risk management activity and incident and claims prevention
  • Consider people’s ‘normal’ and ‘adapted’ behaviours to better manage major incidents and crisis
  • Build individual resilience, team resilience and ultimately organisational resilience
  • Maximise opportunities and minimise threats.


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