By embracing our integrated Risk+Resilience management, communications, people performance and knowledge transfer solutions, we empower your business to maximise opportunities and minimise threats

Why Krisk
How we a do it
Our Approach

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the need to manage risk as a major part of their overall management and growth strategies.
An enterprise-wide approach to risk management allows organisations to consider the potential impact of all types of risks upon all processes, activities, stakeholders, products and services.

We apply a risk management approach to Business Continuity as it is critical to building and improving resilience in you business – such as identifying key products and services and the most critical activities that underpin them. It also involves devising strategic plans that allow your business to continue operations and enable it to recover quickly and efficiently from any type of disruption whatever its size or cause.

KRisk offers an integrated risk management and communications solution, by working closely with you, your staff and stakeholders we develop bespoke systems to maximise your opportunities and minimise your threats.

• Simplify and describe the principles and process of risk management.
• Incorporate the requirements of multiple standards into one.
• Provide practical guidance on designing a sustainable management system.
• Classifying and recording risks from operational to enterprise level.
• Work with you to identify your short medium and long-term risks (strategic, tactical and operational).
• Using risk management tools like Risk Registers, Business Impact Analysis, SWOT, PESTLE to support fulfilling your objectives.

KRisk also helps your organisation to develop the following beneficial elements:

• Risk aware culture through our media solutions
• Supporting the communication of the organisations strategy, developing bespoke interactive multi media training solutions.
• Strategy, architecture and protocols
• Risk reporting through business analysis and business intelligence tools.
• Evaluation of compliance, inspections and audits
• Improved risk appetite and tolerances to drive strategic decisions, develop procedures and KRI’s/KPIs and KCIs to influence operational decisions
• Improved governance structure
• Business Impact Analysis support.
• Planning and supporting crisis management and business continuity exercises

We believe where we differ from other Risk Consultants is that our project management always supports our high quality work. We feel that project management should be concise and efficient, ensuring that at all times the client knows what work is being carried out and at what stage the project is at, allowing them to get on with their own work.

We define and agree the project deadlines, milestones and outputs to ensure we deliver the project objective using our project management tools.
We ensure our costs are transparent so as our clients are clear on what output they get for their return on investment.
We ensure project resources are de ned i.e. who is doing what in our team and the teams we will be working with.
Our approach to quality of our products is high – we ensure we understand the elements that will not be compromised as this will set out priorities and key milestones.
We agree project tolerance levels – the amount we can deliver over or under the project scope which we don’t have to go back to the client e.g. budgets and delivery milestones.
Managing ongoing risks – anything that will affect the outcome of the project objective and specific deliverables will be highlighted at our regular communication meetings, to give lasting ongoing benefits to our clients long after the project has been completed.