World Banking Group

World Banking Group

Working with the Chief Legal Counsel of a world banking group representing over 180 countries, KRisk we delivered a series of virtual and face to face risk and resilience sessions made bespoke for their specific needs.


  1. Transform the way in which the Legal Division manages their own risk and resilience and how you influence and build consistency and ownership of Legal risks across the Organisation. It is desired this will be approached in a collaborative and engaging way with other parts of the Organisation.
  2. Build external stakeholder trust in the Legal Division’s ability to manage threat and opportunity to support the client effectively achieve its vision and objectives to ‘end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity in a sustainable way’. 
  3. Focusing on Developing the understanding of the Legal team through developing clear frameworks, guidance and processes to build a proactive positive risk & resilience culture in the Legal Division to lead the way for the rest of the Organisation.


From our core Risk & Resilience programme used by institutes and organisations all over the world we engaged with our key contact and their team to understand their needs and develop sessions that were aligned to delivering their objective through the following ways:

Practical and hands-on, we focus on providing learning and helping our clients put that learning into practice during the session. By adopting this approach, participants’ engagement and confidence is increased.

Challenging and stimulating – we create a safe and risk-free environment in which the trainer can enable participants to confront skill gap areas and develop confidence.

Multi-sensory – we recognise that adults learn in a variety of different ways and few people genuinely benefit from having slides read out to them. Through a range of interactive activities, including surveys, trainer-assisted discussion groups, focused case studies and video demonstrations, we help to provide a wide set of learning stimuli.

Action planning – during the course, participants develop action plans to enable them to transfer their learning back to the workplace.


The approach we took ensured our client was able to achieve the following in an efficient way because of the project methodology KRisk took through each phase of the project from maturity analysis and the different ways we interacted to the ultimate output report to help their strategy.

  • Understanding of current situation;
  • Defined actions for moving forward;
  • Effective communication of risk & resilience management approach; and
  • Clear focus on where to prioritize resources required from the central Enterprise Risk & Resilience Structure that will be developed.