UK Finance

UK Finance

KRisk was asked to work in partnership with UKFinance to develop and deliver the Finance sector Risk & Resilience Academy.  UK Finance is the collective voice for the banking and finance industry.

Representing around 300 firms across the industry, we act to enhance competitiveness, support customers and facilitate innovation.

We work for and on behalf of our members to promote a safe, transparent and innovative banking and finance industry.


Following the release of the FCA/PRA/BoE Operational Resilience policy the academy was developed to support UKF member firms and other organisations from the banking and insurance sector. The Risk & Resilience Academy explores the principles involved in managing risk and enabling a resilient culture while supporting management to integrate and embed operational resilience best practice to the new policy requirements. It makes effective use of organisational knowledge, encourages effective and empowered leaders and enables organisations to deliver on their commitments in the changing environment.


KRisk’s extended team started with our various courses that had been tried and tested for many years and we worked very closely with UKF Training team, their Policy teams and wider member working groups to create a unique virtual learning experience.

At its core the academy is a comprehensive training course where senior managers follow a programme that includes 8 virtual 3 hour sessions supplemented by interactive online resources. Delegates will work in teams to build structures, frameworks, and processes that will help them to embed a more resilient approach when they return to their organisation. They will have access to dedicated forums to discuss their experiences and receive advice from experienced risk professionals led by real life case studies. 

We use an online learning management system to facilitate the live discussions, we have eLearning at the start to get everyone speaking the ‘same language’, we provide our slides and downloadable templates and in-depth recordings to allow delegates learning to continue at their own pace out with the sessions.

We also use our Risk Discovery online tool to get to understand our delegates risk intelligence so as we can adapt the programme to personal needs as we progress through the workshops. This also allows us to put delegates in the most appropriate teams to enhance everyone’s experience. Please see our Risk Discovery page on our website for more information.


The public R&R Academy allows senior managers from banks of all sizes from all over the world to come together and share an amazing learning experience – please ask us for the great delegate feedback we have received over the last few years!

The Academy programme and content is designed to be agile, immersive and responsive, ensuring that we can understand the challenges faced by the cohort and tailor the programme accordingly. 

The two-month programme will feature up-to-date case studies and the latest news issues. It will be grounded in the latest industry information and up-to- date regulatory direction as well as well-established models, to engage innovative thinking. 

More pointedly, the faculty will use the cohort’s own experiences and challenges to make the programme as dynamic, practical and helpful, as possible. 

Benefits to individuals

  • Improved risk and resilience thinking to provide confidence when servicing customers 
  • Better support your organisation in influencing and improving a resilient culture 
  • Communicate and manage risk in an integrated positive way 
  • Effectively use risk tools and techniques to improve resilience capability 
  • Understand own risk behaviours and effectively influence others 

Benefits to the organisation

Understand the disciplines that make up resilience 

• Reduced likelihood of threats impacting business 

• Assurance and compliance with risk and resilience regulation 

• Improved incident management 

• Better understanding of the UK’s operational resilience regulatory environment