Travel Tour Company

Travel Tour Company

As part of a wider project to develop the companies Enterprise Risk & Resilience structure i.e. systems, processes and culture, the CEO contracted KRisk to deliver an integrated solution around Peoples interactions with the Systems. The Risk Discovery tool was a workstream to assist the management team better understand their own risk profile and that of their colleagues with an aim to improve understanding and communication between them. 

How did we do it?

Each team member conducted a full Risk Discovery profile that took approximately 20 minutes online, through the KRisk platform. 

Each profile was then analysed by our trained Risk Discovery practitioner and a one hour one to one session took place to discuss the report. 

Each team member was then brought into a Risk Discovery workshop, where we facilitated a ¾ day session exploring the key sections of the report through interactive exercises. 


Each team member benefited from better understanding own their risk perceptions, what got ‘them out of bed in the morning’, what their colleagues risk taking profiles were and the reasons for that. The workshop brought them together collectively, ensured they understood each other better. 

A management team group profile was created so as everyone knew what sort of risk taker they all were and where they fitted in the wheel that was produced. This particular output gave a great balance through the whole team and is now driving a more proactive risk culture through their organisation.