Political and Military alliance

Political and Military Alliance

Working with the Chief Financial Officer & Procurement officer of a Political and Military alliance whose purpose is to deliver security and wellbeing in the daily lives of the member states. Our client had experienced several challenges in recent years, resulting in significant focus and attention being placed on the way risk and resilience is managed in relation to international best practice. Our contacts took on the challenge to lead the embedding of Enterprise Risk and Resilience Management into the operational rhythm of all parts of the organisations.


They wanted to Transform the way in which the Finance and Procurement Divisions manage risk and resilience and how they influence and build consistency and ownership of Financial and Legal risks across the Organisation. 

They needed us to help support this to be approached in a collaborative and engaging way with other parts of the Organisation, particularly operational functions, using risk and resilience management as a positive enabler of performance and conformance against internal standards.


By using KRisk’s tried and tested methodologies from maturity mapping, understanding their people and processes and working closely with them in the development of the workshops for part of their annual strategy sessions for their senior leadership team


By understanding our clients overall strategic objectives and guiding them through our risk and resilience process we were able to give them confidence to continue their evolution.