International resilience software

international resilience software Case Study

KRisk was contracted to work with the executive team of an international resilience software company to develop the core business values and strategies, and ensure their branding and communication reflected their growing market position as the premier provider.

Little attention had been put into the company’s communication strategies, as the focus had been on growing organically and delivering the software solutions to the highest quality. However, it was time to engage KRisk to create the platform required to launch the company to the next level.

How did we do it?

The KRisk team firstly ensured it had a good understanding of the core software product. Following this, the team facilitated a workshop with the client to review their strategic vision and explore how the company would develop and diversify in the future.

The main project output was transforming our clients original logo and company branding into a new design and concept that truly reflected the company’s core values and ethics. Our carefully selected team of creative individuals allow us to carry out all services in-house, ensuring messages don’t get diluted or misinterpreted. KRisk provided a fully integrated approach to manage this project, ensuring our understanding of the company’s risks and project management supported the high quality design work required for delivery.


A fantastic product was delivered, providing our client with a sustainable brand that provides the building blocks for future marketing campaigns. KRisk are still working with this client, supporting them as a strategic partner as they grow.