Aviation industry

Aviation industry Case Study

KRisk have developed and presented many bespoke in-house risk management courses for our clients and training partners. The following case study is an example of one such project and is representative of the approach we take with all our in-house courses.

KRisk were commissioned by a leading institute for risk management to create an Enterprise Risk Management training course for an organisation in the aviation industry. Incorporating Aviation case studies and interactive multimedia, this course was to bring the subject of Enterprise Risk Management to life and cater for all learning styles.

How did we do it?

KRisk’s first step was to work with the client to ensure we fully understood their objectives for the training – the senior management team need to better consider the potential impact of all types of risks upon processes, activities, stakeholders, products and services as well as to realise business objectives and seize new opportunities.

KRisk created a training agenda designed to meet these objectives before conceptualising the course and bringing it to life with bespoke animation, videos and real elements of our clients risk management processes and procedures.

The draft course was presented to the Chief Risk Officer for comment and input before being finalised and delivered to the senior management team.


KRisk’s approach resulted in a unique product entirely aligned to the needs of our client. Not only did the senior management team benefit from two days of interactive risk management training, KRisk also provided our client with an online web template, complete with all the training material (bespoke videos, case studies and presentations) to allow participants to refer back in their own time.

KRisk courses are very interactive and our trainers are high energy, motivated individuals. Feedback confirmed participants learned the core principles of risk management, how to apply them effectively in their environment as well as identify and seize opportunities. The course structure and content ensures everyone gets a chance to input, ask questions and engage with the theory presented.


“Very useful course, very well presented. I learned a lot over the two days. Grant is a knowledgeable risk professional and communicated the information well”