Airport Communications

Airport Communications case study

KRisk were commissioned by an International Airport to produce risk communications posters

The airport wanted to engage with their staff and third parties in a fresh and engaging way so as everyone was clear on the core hazards, processes and behaviours expected related to health and safety, business continuity and customer service risks.

How did we do it?

Following our project management process we commenced with our briefing and what our clients key objectives were and developed a character in consultation with our project sponsor. The initial drafts were put to the executive team and the CEO named the character G-Man, from then the name was taken onboard and the character came to life as their risk ambassador…


A series of posters were completed for each month and used as the core of the awareness campaign of the particular theme.Research has proven that risk communications done in a positive engaging way can influence behaviour.


Creating something unique always brings benefits as the character has the attributes required by the organisation, it is something everyone can relate to and becomes part of the culture.