We were approached to assist a large airport group to develop their resilience strategy. We delivered the project through our partner a global insurance company using their risk bursary scheme put in place to help their client improve their approach to risk and resilience


The airport group recognised that the reduction in operations at its airports and the environment people have found themselves through the pandemic have impacted resilience across the Group.  In some areas, resilience will have been positively impacted but in others, resilience will have been weakened.   

Building on this and ensuring other opportunities are embraced, the leadership needed to be given the information and tools required to effectively manage people and operations in a way that enabled operational recovery and continued to give stakeholders confidence in their continuity of service during the ongoing uncertainty.  


Our methodology for developing this strategic resilience roadmap was a simple four step methodology with ‘information gathering’ at its heart.  Our aim was to use data that existed across the Group as well as feedback from key people in each of the airports, combine it with our extensive knowledge and experience of risk and resilience, positive (organisational) psychology and airport operations, to develop the required strategic roadmap.  

There were two main workstreams – People & Operations: 

  • The operations workstream focused on engaging with each of the Operation’s Directors from each of the airports to identify what was important to them to run a viable operation. From the discussions operational resilience workshops were developed to engage each of the heads of departments from core areas of the operations. Through this structured approach it gave an opportunity for the heads to openly discuss areas where they felt there were threats and opportunities to improve business continuity and evolve operational resilience.
  • People are the single most important asset in any organisation, yet they can often be the most vulnerable.  As the world slowly starts to open up after Covid-19, most employers are concerned about how their employees will cope following the extended period of time away from work or working from home.  
    • The approach was to work in close collaboration with their Human Resources and Communications teams to build a series of personal resilience webinars that enabled all the Group’s people to access learning, development, and support as part of the Group’s COVID-19 Recovery – whether on/off shift, on furlough, working remotely or on-site.


The two pronged approached allowed us to quickly and effectively engage across the business to develop awareness and knowledge of resilience best practice and to find out where weaknesses were.

This meant we were able to provide a strategic roadmap to assist the board and senior leadership team prioritise over the short, medium, and longer term.


KRisk bring a unique blend of knowledge, experience tools and techniques to integrating people and operational resilience with a strong focus on helping reduce customer harm and improve customer satisfaction.