European Central Bank

European Central Bank

Working with a European Central bank to increase their overall resilience maturity. We developed an engagement programme through understanding their learning needs aligned to their values and objectives. We then understood the people in the organisation we needed to communicate with. 


They understood this was core to good business and also had audit findings and needed to take action to prove they were maturing and evolving their levels of resilience throughout their organisation and extended enterprise to ensure they could deliver the best experience to their customers.


The project was delivered through our training programme, supported with interactive e-learning for every participant as well as exercises/ resources provided to participant’s between the virtual sessions to reinforce learning.   There was also resource allocated to capture business insights throughout the training, which is collated and fed back to you in the form of an output report.  

Many of our clients have converted to virtual training and have seen great results.  Rather than feeling that virtual training is inferior, the majority of delegates feel they have gained more from it.  Social distancing is no longer a barrier to an effective classroom discussion and delegates still earned Certification and continuous professional development points that can provided evidence that you are using a leading Financial sector Risk & Resilience programme.


  • Supporting Improve support teams (mainly 2nd line of defense) overall understanding of a positive and proactive risk aware culture.
  • Helping understand and meet regulators expectations on how an enterprise risk approach improves your resilience maturity.
  • Be able to demonstrate an improved knowledge and understanding of the subject by every delegate through engagement, support and collaborative working.
  • Appeal at all levels across functions, assuming only a basic /fundamental level of knowledge.
  • Engaging and interactive sessions.
  • Continuous professional development that can be proven to your regulators.
  • Educate delegates through practical and theoretical methods, on how to effectively implement learning into the organisation.
  • Build a common understanding of risk and resilience across the various departments and gain insight from the business.