Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange

Contracted to the leading Middle East currency exchange and payments solutions organisation operation in over 30 countries. We were asked to support their new strategic objectives of driving increased revenue, supporting their customers, and digitizing their operations among many other areas.


The business recognised that an effective integrated Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) capability is required across its global network in order to ensure that the company protects and creates the value required to deliver on its strategic objectives.


To support this capability, 50 lead Risk Champions had been established to serve as key stakeholders, supporting the ERM function by communicating the benefits of risk management and engaging with others across multiple stakeholder groups to maximise opportunities & minimise threat e.g. business lines, Risk Owners, HQ.

KRisk had to engage with this new extended team, earn their trust and bring them together through our virtual online workshops.

Build an understanding of how ERM can be used to support the achievements of its objectives and targets

Build familiarity & confidence with the benefits of risk management to the business and its relationship with Business Continuity, Incident Management, Governance, Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Develop the skills to effectively assess risk, select appropriate treatment measures and understand both the positive and negative implications of risk

Learn how to support the Global ERM function in implementing risk language and embedding a risk-based culture across the organisation

Learn how to influence and improve operational management, quality and risk performance in accordance with their risk management framework

Learn how to demonstrate the necessary communication skills to engage stakeholders and explore the subtle techniques of power and influence


  • Rapid an effective transfer of knowledge.
  • Building consistency of approach and teamwork across the group.
  • Enabling the central team to identify where real risks were in the organisation.
  • ‘hit the ground running’ to drive the strategy forward and improve risk and resilience maturity.