Bank Start-up

Bank Start-up

Contracted to a new start up bank who’s CEO understand that managing risk and becoming more resilient is a continuous way of working that should become part of its everyday offering to customers. This project is focused on supporting the bank to strengthen resilience by ensuring the Leadership teams and wider management are fully conversant with the requirements of good practice continuity & resilience management across all operations, enterprise wide.


Some focus has recently been highlighted by an audit by a ‘big four’, highlighting the need to evolve our client’s maturity in relation to overall resilience and continuity arrangements throughout the organisation and with particular focus on the senior Leadership team’s roles during a Major Incident.


Phase 1. Workshops are an effective way to interact with people across the organisation to gather the risk and resilience information required. They allow people to share ideas and ask questions, inspiring them to actively engage with Operational Resilience and where Business Continuity fits. The aim of the workshops is to encourage participants to consider the objectives of the business, key activities and future plans to consider resilience across all categories. 

An interactive, Resilience & Continuity workshop aligned to our Risk & Resilience Academy and was designed, developed and presented to senior leadership, primarily consisting of members of the Major Incident team.

Phase 2. The theme of the intended exercise reflected a risk scenario that existed in the organisation We referred and analysed their Risk Register, the audit report, Scenario documents and Continuity plans to ensure that we are fully conversant with the theme, product or process that is to be developed into a credible exercise.  


Helped them meet their audit and regulator obligations.

Ensured they were more aware and prepared for any incident.

They were able to take vulnerabilities identified and feed back into their risk improvement plans.