Window of opportunity


We all understand information in different ways, these styles as they have come to be known can be divided into three main types:
• Visual (through the eyes – seeing and reading)
• Auditory (through the ears – listening)
• Kinesthetic (learning by doing – touching and doing)
• Most people have a favored style, although in practice we use a mixture of all three. Usually, with a group a combination works well.

Learners acquire skills in three different ways: they want knowledge, skills and to understand what they are doing.

Our style of learning blends our risk and communication skills to ensure enthusiasm, feedback, opportunities to succeed, meaning and value, atmosphere, involvement, drawing on learners previous knowledge and concentration are incorporated where possible.

Learning Solutions


When education is ongoing or it needs to reach many people, our clients are turning to e-learning. KRisk’s e-learning solutions range from simple one-off courses to multilevel, webhosted, interactive solutions with feedback loops for continual learning.


• Have you recently taken on risk management responsibility but limited experience?
• Do you often wish for a mentor or coach who can answer questions and provide guidance on your risk management journey?
The KRisk team have provided successful one-on-one coaching to people in different roles at many levels in an organisation. Coaching packages are designed around you, based on your needs.


Sometimes our clients just want someone to facilitate a workshop where their team can debate,
discuss and strategise around risk management. KRisk can do this, offering insight, direction, experience and techniques to enhance the conversation and ensure measurable actions are agreed.


The following training courses are delivered by KRisk on a public or in-house basis:

– Enterprise Risk & Resilience
– Business Continuity
– Risk Champions
– Asset Risk Management
– Risk Based Root Cause analysis
– Risk Discovery workshop
– Risk control exercising

KRisk regularly develop bespoke training for our clients, tailored to meet specific needs.