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KRisk’s training experience is vast and clients come to us with all sorts of training requests.  We have off the shelf solutions available alongside bespoke development. KRisk also has close associations with many of the leading institutes in risk and resilience management, enabling our clients to attain accreditations if required. 

We know that people understand information in different ways; visual, auditory, kinesthetic. Most people have a favoured style, although in practice it is usually a mixture of all three. We use this information as well as the communication experience across the team to ensure our training achieves blended learning, is engaging and ultimately achieves the objectives set. 

Bespoke training is based on your strategy, can take elements of any of the training solutions below and will be based on the specific opportunities and threats faced by your organisation.

Our training is available to everyone and can accommodate 1 to 500 + participants. To discuss any bespoke training requirements or book one of our off the shelf options below, please CONTACT us.



This 4 Day Risk and Resilience (R&R) Programme helps organisations understand and implement risk and resilience capabilities to enable them to navigate the uncertainty and complexity of this new era. Resilience is an outcome achieved through a combination of the organisations agility, decision making and effective management of risk, that will ultimately protect and increase the value of the organisation for its stakeholders by focusing on business products and services.

Workshop 1- R&R Overview and Principles
• Develop the foundation of knowledge of organisational and operational risk and resilience international standards and best practice. Understand the current thinking of the regulators and how to get ahead.

Workshop 2- Resilient Culture
• Appreciate what is required for a strong, embedded resilient culture and how to implement this. Better understand individuals; what drives them, what discourages them, their level of risk awareness.

Workshop 3- Implementing R&R Part 1
• Be able to apply what you have learnt about resilience into a case study organisation to better understand practical implementation. Work to understand the resilience tools and techniques and when is the right time to use them.

Workshop 4 – Implementing R&R Part 2
• Understand the interaction of risk assessment and Business continuity impact analysis. Participate in developing major incident role and responsibilities, managing an incident and resulting debrief.

The opportunities and threats people present to the operations and strategic objectives of their organisation constitute ‘people risk’ – an area of risk often ignored because of the perceived complexities involved in effectively managing it.

As part of this course, KRisk utilise the Risk Discovery tool – to facilitate the collection and analysis of information related to an individual’s risk intelligence; their values, risk competences, risk-based thinking and behaviours. This risk intelligence provides management and individuals with valuable insight into how to better engage teams, encourage certain behaviours and ultimately improve risk and resilience management performance across the organisation.

Risk Champions are central to effective risk management and, trained well, they become the glue that can hold risk activities together to build an adaptive, resilient and risk intelligent organisation. But not everyone has an innate ability to assess risk and opportunity, or the right knowledge or the confidence to communicate the benefits of risk management to a sceptical workforce.

This two-day course provides delegates with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and tools they require not only to support their respective areas or functions in implementing effective operational risk management and integrating risk management with disciplines including audit, compliance and resilience. It also positions them to become vital agents in improving risk-based thinking, supporting a positive risk culture and enabling their organisations to view risk as opportunity. The course does this by combining practical knowledge and application of risk management tools with a variety of techniques used to understand risk culture, employ the power of persuasion and master communication and negotiation strategies to influence stakeholders.

The aim of this interactive workshop is to encourage participants to consider the objectives of the business, key activities and future plans to consider resilience across all categories.

The theme of the exercise in the workshop will reflect a scenario or risk that either currently exists or has the potential to exist to the Client. KRisk will develop the exercise scenario theme, then develop a timeline with storyboard and appropriate injects to make the exercise seem as real as possible. There will be roles and responsibilities defined for the facilitators ‘actors’ and participants. E.g. scribe, role players etc.

To provide risk and resilience training to large numbers of employees in an efficient manner, our clients are turning to e-learning. KRisk are developing a one hour digital learning introduction to Enterprise Risk & Resilience Management. This interactive training solution will be available at the end of 2019.

Organisations needs to be ready and able to deal with potential emergencies and disruptive events; these can range from natural disasters like flooding to deliberate acts or attacks and can happen suddenly or develop gradually.

This course aims to provide you with a practical integrated approach to the fundamental principles of risk & resilience management by promoting solutions not fear, to enable your organisation to withstand the worst.

Learn how to assess the impact of adverse events on your organisation, choose the best risk treatments to withstand shocks and stresses, and improve your organisation’s resilience. Plus find out how adding value to risk-based decision making will help your organisation to achieve its objectives.

In response to demand from industry for a standard for carrying out Asset Management that is applicable to any organisation where assets (physical/ people/ information) are a key or critical factor in achieving its business objectives and in achieving effective service delivery.

The pre course learning and face to face course will deliver the key principles of Asset Management defined in ISO 55001. This face to face course is primarily designed for management and auditors to give a wider appreciation of the ISO 55001 standard and the benefits of good Asset Management.

Root Cause Analysis is a methodology used to understand why and how event happened, or risk might occur in the future. Humans are very good at quickly inferring causes, however we are not always correct. Root Cause Analysis provides us with a systematic way to control our own behaviour and identify causes that need to be managed prior to unwanted events occurring.

This one day interactive workshop investigates incidents and why they occurred and explains techniques used in root cause analysis to support risk management processes across your organisation.

• Have you recently taken on risk management responsibility but limited experience?
• Do you often wish for a mentor or coach who can answer questions and provide guidance on your risk management journey?

The KRisk team have provided successful one-on-one coaching to people in different roles at many levels in an organisation. Coaching packages are designed around you, based on your needs.