Risk Communication


Effective communication plays a vital role in building strong relationships, whether it’s between employees and managers or with customers. The way we communicate holds great significance, emphasizing traits such as openness, transparency, and understanding. These elements form the foundation of a robust risk and resilience culture.

Risk and resilience communication serves as the connecting thread woven throughout the risk management process, as outlined in ISO 31000. Our experience has shown that this crucial aspect is often overlooked by practitioners and management teams.

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• Better understand your organisation’s risk and resilience communication objectives. 

• Gain insight and focus on your audience, their wants and needs. 

• Clearly schedule and plan your risk and resilience communication plan and delivery.  

• Create high quality content that delivers your objectives. 

• Report, learn and iterate to gain better results. 

Why is communication about Risk important?

“Why” is a technique used in marketing departments. Often individuals and organisations want to tell people what and how they do things because they are passionate about their products, but they often forget the Why.
When trying to convince an individual to do something like wear safety glasses or to buy a product like and Apple Mac, marketing professionals use the communication tactic of why they should do something.
If a story can be created that sells the culture or product and highlights the benefits the individuals are more likely to buy into it.

Risk & Resilience Communication is fundamental for attracting and retaining talent. Whilst improved communication within the business allows your company to access a diverse range of ideas and knowledge, it also creates a happier workplace with employees feeling more confident in their roles which then increases productivity and profit. Throughout this Risk & Resilience workshop, we will look at the main types of Risk & Resilience communication with customers and internally with employees.

Risk Insights with Grant Kennedy