International Mining company

International Mining company Case Study

The Client recognised a Risk Management Information System was required but didn’t have the skill and knowledge to effectively evaluate the most appropriate solution.

How did we do it?

KRisk have a deep wealth of knowledge and experience in the different risk software products on the market. However, it is important to first understand what the clients wants from any potential new software.

This was done by simply discussing with the client why they wanted software and what they though they would like it to deliver for them. Then using our experience to advise on what we felt would be sensible outputs from the software, we collaboratively work in partnership with the client to ensure we have a set of core requirements to go to the market with.

We put a tender package out and ask a number of appropriate software companies to tender for the work based on client requirements on functionality, usability, price etc. We manage the whole process for the client from start to finish, from discussing with the providers our clients needs, reviewing the written tenders, facilitating the presentation process (sometimes face to face other times online), objectively evaluating the proposals and finally making a recommendation of the most appropriate provider.


A clear report as the the most appropriate RIMS to select.

The benefit to the client is that we know and understand the market, we’ve implemented and embedded software in organisations ourselves and managed the contract management performance.

This experience and trust is invaluable to our clients as they know they will get the very best fit.


We take the pain and ambiguity out of the difficult process. Also, we can be relied upon to support the implementation of the software through the first design stage to tailor to the clients language and culture as well as support training the users.